Rescue workers locate locals of a mosque in Lobok, Indonesia, where it is scared that people have been executed from the Sunday’s expensive earthquake.

6.9 magnitude earthquakes now know that about 100 people have died and at least 20,000 people are displaced.

This mosque is one of the thousands of buildings in North Lobok, which were damaged.

According to the National Search and Rescue Agency, two people have already left the grave.

The earthquake happened Sunday evening. A Witness told AFP news agency that at the time when 50 people were killed in the mountainous mosque in Laming-Laden’s village.

Banana, 53, said, “Our Imam ran away, then others said”.

At least three dead bodies have already been shocked  Read More .

Disaster agency spokeswoman Sutatopa Nargroho said that many sandals have been found before the mosque, more than this fear can get more victims.

He eliminated the footage of a man, which resulted in the removal of the building.

The lobe is about 4,500 square kilometers (1,700 square miles), the island is the eastern island of the small island of Bali.

More than the impact of the Sunday earthquake that hit Labok last week and 16 people died.

The number of official deaths is still up to 98, but the personnel believe that it can grow. Most of the victims were killed from the debris.

Aid agencies have said that their priorities are now to provide shelters for displaced people, because the forces spread this area.

In Maratamam, the central city of Lobok, the medical staff is struggling to deal with injuries in the affected hospitals. They have started helping people in the open air.

But Indonesian Red Cross said that during the disaster there was a “blessing”. The volunteers gave birth to an 38-year-old woman on a temporary health station on Monday. One of them named “Nam”, which means the earthquake in Indonesia.

When the earthquake was hit by the Kitterman Hotel in the north of Philip Hugh Mittam. He told the BBC that the lights went out and the scene became “unusual”.

“People were falling on each other while trying to get out, and the glass was broken. We fell to the debris on us.

“I could not see my partner and I was shining his name. Finally we saw each other and took blood in his face and shirt.”

‘They are scared’
Buildings in Bali were also destroyed by the earthquake and at least two people are known to die there.

Meanwhile, search and rescue teams have saved at least 4,000 people from the three wetlands. White sand beaches and clean water find many bags and diverse.

Videos and pictures from Glas show that hundreds of tourists rushed to the beach to ride on small boats.

Mohammad Fouzal, head of the tourism agency of the Western Nassau Tenggara, told the app that “it is understood that they want to get out of the gallus.

Indonesia President Joko Vedodho has demanded to withdraw the deadly speeds and send more flights to the affected areas.

In pictures: Removed in destroyed homes and lobbies
According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake hit Sunday on Sunday on Sunday.

It was located at a very deep depth of 31 km (19 miles) in 19:46 local time (11:46 GMT).

Is earthquake alert effective?
Deadly earthquake date


Indonesia is victims of earthquake because it is located on a ring fire – often depending on earthquake and volcanic destruction, which consist of almost whole of the Pacific Rimas.

Above the sea level, more than half of the world’s active volcanoes are part of the ring.