Heat press or thermo press is a device with which, under the influence of high temperature and pressure, the pattern is easily applied to T-shirts, mugs, plates, baseball caps, mouse pads, magnets, bags and backpacks, plastic surfaces. The list of manufactured products is limited only by the resistance of materials to the effects of temperature and pressure (usually these values ​​can reach 160-2000 ° C and 5-7 atmospheres).

All thermo presses, depending on the type of surfaces to be treated, are divided into several types. The main working part of any thermo press is a heating element, on the form of which the type of manufactured products depends. Find out more information about this equipment and get professional advice, you can visit at .

Types of thermo-presses

Flat thermo presses – are the most popular, because with their help you can easily produce almost any souvenir products. They are designed for drawing drawings on fabric (T-shirts and other clothes), as well as on other flat surfaces: magnets, ceramic tiles, computer mouse pads, metal plates.

Thermal presses of the flat type, depending on the method of moving the heating element, can be divided into two groups: folding and rotary. The first allows you to save the workspace, but require special attention when using – the heating element is always located above the hands of a working person and one careless movement can lead to burns.

A flat thermal transfer press with a rotary heating element is more convenient in this sense – in order to place a T-shirt or other product on which the drawing is transferred, the heating element moves aside, giving free access to the frame. But models of this type, as a rule, take up more space.

By the type of drive, the thermo presses can be divided into manual, electromechanical and pneumatic. Manual presses are most convenient for the production of single copies of products, electromechanical ones are used for the production of small print runs, and many pneumatic models allow putting the output of souvenirs on stream because their products can reach several hundred items per hour.

Lace thermo presses – as the name suggests, these devices are designed for drawing drawings on various mugs, cups, ashtrays. Lace thermo presses, depending on the method of attachment of the mug, are divided into vertical and horizontal.

Vertical thermo presses are less in demand since they have a rigid restriction on the height of the surface being treated – this parameter makes it possible to produce only mugs of standard height.

In horizontal thermo presses, the height of the manufactured products is not limited, and the image is equally well applied to both a standard ceramic mug and a tall beer glass or even a custom-made coffee cup.

The thermo press for plates is a convenient device that allows you to make an exclusive souvenir from a plate, which you can buy with pleasure.

The baseball thermo press has a curved base at its base, which makes it possible to apply a pattern to the textile surface of the baseball cap. Such products are not in great demand, and therefore it is more convenient to use a universal thermo-press, on which after replacement of the heating element, it is easy to manufacture any necessary products.

Universal heat press is suitable for the production of a large range of products, ranging from baseball caps and T-shirts, mugs, plates, and magnets. The difference of all-in-one thermo-press from highly specialized models is that if it is necessary to release a fundamentally new product, it is enough to replace the heating element included in the kit and after a few minutes the equipment is ready to work again.