If your kid is having Cerebral Palsy also with a disease, that truly restricts its main function then you are at a right place. Now your search ends here. You can now get a good substitute treatment that can not only cure the disease but also make your life happy. Cerebral Palsy is another word used for damage in the brain along with motor grievance; that happens because of brain damage or unusual development either before, at the time of just after birth takes place. A kid that has got palsy normally shows symptoms of mental and physical damage. Nevertheless, the type and level of motor injury, the body parts and also the number of branches affected will vary from person to person. Every kid is different and so is its case. One kid may be completely paralytic on the other hand another may be partially or slightly paralytic.

 The occurrence of cerebral palsy

According to CDC, Cerebral Palsy is the well-known type of childhood nervous disorder; that can be seen in 2 to 4 cases out of 1000 births. It has been also observed that this is found that the chances of getting palsy are more in boys than girls. Around 78% of kids are found having cerebral palsy had convulsive CP; however above 50% of the kids with CP were found having some other symptoms like autism or epilepsy. The kids with this disease can have different issues like a problem in walking, no coordination in movement etc.

Factors that affect CP

Many studies have shown and found out various instrumental factors for the happening of CP. It is also observed that out of 6 kids from 1000 having low birth weight had CP. It can be thus concluded that CP is more associated with low weight at the birth and premature birth. It is also observed through some studies that kids those are born with manifold birth pregnancy through artificial reproduction are more prone to CP. At the time of fetal development, disturbance of oxygen, stroke, clotting of the blood vessel can also upsurge the risk of CP. One can also relate it to infections in mothers like blood endured infections or fever at the time of labor etc. Also, around 10 to15 % of the cases of palsy is associated with brain damages after or at the time of birth. If your kid is having this disorder you can get the best treatment in India. You can go for the Cerebral Palsy Treatment with Stem Cell therapy in India and be sure.


Cerebral Palsy is a neural condition that is linked with a progressive injury to the nervous system. When this palsy is severe, signs are generally seen just after the birth takes places; also some of the other symptoms have a different pattern.

The best treatment is all that can be done

If your kid is having this disorder you need to get the best treatment. There are many good hospitals in India where you can get the best treatment at the most affordable rates. You can get your kid treated by highly qualified and reputed doctors.