Digital media is not an alien term now, almost everyone who is familiar with computer, laptop, smart phone or any such devices are quite aware about digital media as well. With every passing day digital media is also growing as an Industry and this has lead to an emergence of a number of applications that we may encounter in Google’s play store or apple’s app store. In February 2018 such an application got viral and it became the top position holder in apple’s app store as well. This app was Ayman Hariri’s Vero,it was introduced in the year 2015 with being slow in the initial stage app has increased number of its users drastically in the recent times.

Getting familiar with Vero

Vero could be said as a platform for social media which is quite closer to popular application like Instagram. However, there are some differences in functioning of the two. Along with uploading pictures users of this app can also share status updates that are based on texts, links as well as recommendations. Unlike facebook and Instagram this application do not showcase different number of advertisements that users have searched or shopped in some other platform.

How is it different from giant social platforms in a better way

Platforms like facebook and Instagram have a lot of information about their users which appears to be scary at times but this is not the case with VeroThe word vero is derived from an Italian word that means ture and the application aims to prioritize the experience of its user. The ceo of this app also says that each and every decision and detail added in the application is focused on a better user experience. Along with that the CEO also promised that Vero would be free from advertising or any kind of data mining.

How it boomed?

Vero boomed among users after it was declared that there would be no charges for the first one million users of the application. However, after that there may be some required charges. The unique selling point (USP) of this application is that it consists of an effective source of privacy control. This lead to an increase in the number of users and the app witnessed about million of signups. However, it is less in numbers when compared to the giants like facebook, twitter and Instagram but it is still growing with a number of celebrities signing up in it. Some of the influencers of social media like Charli XCX who is singer by profession, Christian Collins who is a popular celebrity, along with filmmakers like Max Joseph and Zack Synder are active users of vero application.